So this is my modest collection of royalty free music and netlabels. I am not going to spent too much time on that, so I'll basically copy what the netlabels write about their releases and paste it here. Every album is handpicked from the tons of albums that are out their. *The good thing* about royalty free music is you can just go to the website of these netlabels an download the whole album.

Various Artists - Two Zombies Later [csr001]

An International double album of latterday exotica. The DJ activates the emotional SuperDrive within the freshly rendered Lounge Cubism. You arrange to meet for the common, eroticizing file sharing. Through the finely cut cocktail glasses the ladies' romantic looks ignite rainbows which burn-in into PDA monitors. As a result men's hearts melt like amorous ice cubes on hot sheets. Tropical mist, exotic condiment, pacific secrets and extended processor capacity maneuver the banter - a rendezvous of lascivious multitasking. Besides you hear music that suggests a sensual ambience which resembles the sensation to be on a never-ending trip. Meanwhile, "the tarantula crawls out of the terrarium and up the Tiki lantern."

Smoking When Pregnant

NB The official web page for this release is Please go there for downloads and additional information. Debut album from Brisbane composer Craig Parry aka Puzahki. Mind-melting breakcore.

cl-017 | Jfrank - Retrobotics und Space-Age Funk

An amzing variety of styles and influences offers Jfrank on his new album Retrobotics und Space-Age Funk. His homebase is the netlabel and so most of you know what to expect. The new album is relased by Crazy Language and it ties in with former releases, of course. It might be not in the sense of the artist to peg this album as something familiar. Jfranks music is constantly breaking in styles and you will find everything from a straight bassline to convulated beats added to acid-sounding sequencies. His music creates a high energy feeling. Programmed breaks are perfectly timed and offer moments for a deep breath before the music starts again to push your head and your body.

Off The Sky - Studies Of Lifeform In Transit [apl014]

Off The Sky is another sideproject by Jason Corder, whose Subsource album "Inconnu" received major warm critics with its floating mayhem sounds and textures. I'm proud that i may release his new album called "Studies Of Lifeform In Transit" on Autoplate. Very warm, breathing layers of field recordings merged with ambient electronica unfold big, extensive dubby spaces. Endless, timeless looming tracks with easy sounds make this album an intense sensual enjoyment and especially on the songs "Mileece Reduction" and "Nonlinear Surface Tensions" the theme of the changing seasons is presented in perfection.

Koordinate of Wonders - EP [pls010]

Drawing from a spectrum of icy colds and razor sharps, yet very human and touchable, are six tracks from Belarussian group Koordinate of Wonders. With ripped-up rhythmic understructures of hyperpanned and texturized beats the songs glide mostly, piloted by mild tentative melodies and simple pad chords. Especially in such tracks as "Living Line B" (mmm, the melody), "Amnibios" (check out the percussion in the second part of the track, so cool), and "Outside of Sphere", their songs evoke certain characteristics of other artists in the genre like Diagram of Suburban Chaos, Proem, or Apparat. Formed in 1998, KoW is Trimute-Ti (Drums, Keyboard, Programming) and An2one (Keyboard, Programming).

Pianochocolate - Morning Coffe (Pulsations For You, puls18)

Pianochocolate is one of creative music implementations by Russian musician Mikhail Korumenko. Piano is a classic instrument, a symbol of perfect taste, timeless and yet interesting, while the chocolate is an instrument to bring happiness and comfort. PianoChocolates style range is vast. The base for all the tracks is a tune which can be easily combined with almost any style like Drum & Bass, Breaks, Chillout, Easy Listening, Jungle, Trance. The latest album Morning Coffee suits fine as for a background and for a thoughtful listening. Aerial piano sound with a chocolatecoffee flavor album.

Junior85 - Wiiiiiiiiiiide Awake [foot118]

"Wiiiiiiiiiiide Awake" makes a contrast with previous "Sleepy EP". This is for refreshing, not only for the morning. It features drum sounds.

DIgi G'alessio - The Rain Book

Digi G'alessio is an electronic musician and polyhedric artist from Florence. This release is pure power. are you ready to read the rain book?

tinitus - regional ep [phoke49]

What a funny expression of being a single human in a chaotic world, feels like Knytt-Journeys & runs, all between sheep and cattles, flying progressive Tarzan joining Lucy, Cumbia moving. The universe is a joke and we are the laughing protagonists in a biological window, daisyflowers, believing in turntables and table tennis, lazy honey sucking insects sitting on hot barbecued cows. Have fun.

Tomme - Giorno in cui

A perfect blend of melancholic melodies, fat beats, groovy rhythms and jazzy atmospheres. Tomme is an italian drummer, polyhedric musician and songwriter. His work takes inspiration from great classics of contemporary experimental music like Amon Tobin, Jaga Jazzist, Cinematic Orchestra and Soft Machine. "Giorno in cui" is a deep and heart-touching chronicle of a special day.

Sasha Ponkratov - Kaleidoscope (ep, Pulsations For You, puls02)

Sometimes cheerful and bright and sometimes sad, this music reminds of the good old Soviet films and surrealistic cartoons. The artful design of melodic lines, harmonies and rhythms is unpredictable, but at the same time it keeps out of too complex improvisations maintaining thus the perfected parity of modern arrangement.

Sven Tasnadi - Collected Works [1bit 022]

It has been almost a year since you have heard something from Sven. This pretty massive collection of works, ranging from ambient to dancefloor techno, is one of the reasons why it took so long for his new release. Contributions are made by fellow 1bit-wonderians Juno6 (with one of his typical mellow techno tracks) and lately renamed Steffen Bennemann (delivering his most dancefloor-oriented production to date).

[YkYk011] '82nd ave: Crowd Of Zero

Well, this 11th Yuki Yaki-release by '82nd ave, named "Crowd Of Zero", is nothing like nova musica, but its easiness and temperament, shown in songs like "Commuter Belt Booty Bass" or "Clear The Floor", feel really fresh and activate affectively a swinging nod, that sometimes even could extend to an uncontrollable jerking of the leg. And this is exactly what this kind of music is made for. Let us rock! David Williams himself supposes about the music of his debut album, that it is made for left-foot music lovers that are not able to dance really well. And if they dare to dance anyway, they nod their heads while moving their arms like clairvoyants asking their crystal balls - but all in all, they are relatively grounded somehow. Still, the music of '82nd ave is only partly down-to-earth. The sound of the tracks of the E.P. sometimes is playfully cacophonic, sometimes harmonious and mellow, but always complex and entertaining. Now then: Have a nice trip!

Vim - For Your Noodle

Originally released on the P2P service Soulseek in 2001 or so, this compilation (by an unknown third party) compiles some of the best of Vim's early, freely distributable .MODs into an album-sized compilation.

The Vegetarian Gunman - Agent Agency

Soft ambient moves into a fast jazz influnced piece moves into pure happy expermintation.

[DADA145] Max Draztic - con-fused.

Max Draztic is very DRAZTIC on his debut here on Dadaist Audio. 5 tracks made with a lot of love for music and countless hours of programming each individual part, be it drums or synths. When we would quit working on a track because it's good enough for us Max Draztic continues working and tweaking stuff and it pays of very well. This is IDM with a lot of attention to detail. Don't miss this or else God will be angry and I reckon you wouldn't want that now would you?

[DADA171] Figurative Theatre - Early Works 1999-2006

A nice IDMish compilation by Figurative Theatre which showcases some of their tracks they made in the period between 1999-2006, but surprisingly it still sounds quite up to date. This is nice electronic music to chill out to, fingers tapping along with the beats.

[DADA173] f393n6 - Last Try

I recently had a trip back to the beginning of the 90's, when IDM was only still recognized by a small number of people as an actual genre pushing the boundaries of electronic music. f393n6 provided me this trip with his old-school IDM which still sounds as it has a lot of common with the techno this genre originated from. Recommended!

Sum-1 - Burnt Toast For Breakfast

Burnt Toast For Breakfast is the title of Tobias Peterson AKA Sum-1s debut album release on the Togeo Music label. Tobias previously released his music under the pseudonym of PsychoSID in 2003-2004 on ACIDplanet which will be re-released soon in a retro compilation. This album is a collection of eleven tracks of electronic style music in the electro, idm, breakbeat and experimental genres.

Minusbaby - Monkey Patch [8bp036]

My earliest memory of a monkey is the scene in "Kingukongu tai Gojira" where King Kong opens a giant snake's mouth so far beyond it's natural extention point that it eventually looks like a mushroom with a long, wiggly, scaled stem. Sure, King Kong is an ape but to a 4 year old, it was a very big monkey with an attitude problem. It was also pretty bad-ass.

GeoSuPhat - Taking Out The Trash

Taking Out The Trash is George Pierce Peterson AKA GeoSuPhats debut album on Togeo Studios in-house Togeo Music label. It is a collection of ten tracks, all electronic titles crossing the genres of electro, idm, minimal industrial and techno. A highly experimental album offering many swings in the flow as it delivers a somewhat subtle insight into the influences behind the artist GeoSuPhat. At times there are gritty distorted rock and industrial overtones, while at other times delivering a very contrasting lightness to the mood.

Sum-1 - Mechanical Monkeys

Mechanical Monkeys is the second release from Tobias Peterson AKA Sum-1. It is a collection of fourteen electronic tracks within the genres of electro, glitch, breakbeat, ambient dub with hints of IDM. This album places its emphasis upon the astute use of glitching rythymns reminisant of electronic circiuts and the flow of breakbeat, hiphop and jazzy drumbeats and overtones.

[dig022] Rabitza - Automatik

They come from Russia and they are lean mean sound machines. Its very hard do describe their album since its fusion of styles and sonic journeys. Parts of it are pure experimental with specific Rabitza signatures and fingerprints all over it and some are pure energetic tracks for the floor& We bring you sonic light with this release. Beats are deep and fat, there are twists and plots all over the tracks& With smart and euphoric melodies. We just know this album will be very critically acclaimed. Groovness is powered by Rabitza!

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