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Versfabrik again has taken part in the Poesiefestival Berlin 2009 presenting the installation Genero Censeo as part of the exhibition POESIS: Sprachspiele taking place in Akademie der Bildenden K√ľnste, Hanseatenweg 27 June, 27th through July 6th.
Recently, I started to assemble a collection of royalty free music and netlabels. The blog only features music and artist of my very exquisit taste, doesn’t nescessarily keep up with what’s going on in the scene, and will be updated on a more irregular than regular basis. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Read more …
Versfabrik has taken part in the poesiefestival berlin 2007 presenting the installation Genero Censeo.
die sehmaschine is one of my media art pieces using lots of webcams, shown on german tv, and produced in 2005.
versfabrik was founded by students of the hfg karlsruhe and myself in 2000. the artist group provides computer generated german poetry, produces art installations, books, gives presentations, readings, performances, etc.
Tor-Weg-Wohnung e.V. Gusthof für Spiel und Theater is an extraordinary project of collaboration around an medival estate, which is part of a castle in the state of Hesse in Germany. I’ve been taking part in the activities of this coop since 1993.
research · philosophy · writing
GemBrowser is a Ruby On Rails App that uses the Moritz plugin to visualize the Rubyverse (or better Gemiverse). Read more
Philosophy in diagrams is a challenging approach on formal-graphic respresentation. (coming soon)
At OSS 2009 i’ve been giving a presentation on the paper Estimating Commit Sizes Efficently. Please find it in the proceedings of this conference.
Recently i’ve been involved in a couple of open source research projects at SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA.
My master thesis Formal-graphische Darstellungen von Syllogismen is an inquiry on the conditions of possibilities of formal-graphic representations of the main subject of arestotelic reasoning: the syllogism. You may grab your own copy of it on But be aware, unlike this website it’s entirly in german.
archiverstanamnese (pdf) is a philosophical paper written by myself dealing with derrida’s theory of archives.
i am one of the founding members of the adam seide archiv, bibliothek und nachlaß e.v.
er schläft fast (pdf) is a rather condensed logical, philosophical paper on predicative vagueness.
maschinenatem is the title of an interdisciplinary symposium i took part in.
computer science · programming
Flint is an application based on Ruby On Rails dealing with barcodes. The current use case is a media art installation / juke box. Read more
Generate your Ruby On Rails models and their associations from an UML Class Diagramm. Read more
Moritz is a Plugin for Ruby On Rails to easily bring Moritz Stefaner’s Relation Browser to any Rails App. Read more
Please find my collected code snippets, in the snippet section.
swint is a console client for the swarm intelligence programming game. It’s enirely wirtten in Ruby.
ich[as] intranet is a webapp specifically developed for the adam seide archiv, bibliothek und nachlaß e.v.
global art and the musem is my latest project involvement at the center for art and media karlsruhe, germany.
working for streetvision ltd. london with cutting edge tech media artist peter cornwell was an experience.
since 1999 i have been working as a freelancer for the center for art and media karlsruhe, germany.
dilldapp is a ldap frontend for user account management. it is written in object oriented php and uses patTemplate.