the GemBrowser is currently offline. Since I really would like to make this fun tool available I'm looking for someone to host this project. So if you are willing to take prolific action, please do contact me.


      Welcome to GemBrowser
      GemBrowser is an approach to visualize the Rubyverse (or better
      Gemiverse). It visualizes the dependencies between gems and the
      assoziations between auhtors and gems.
      GemBrowser is based on Ruby On Rails.
      This version of GemBrowser ships with a long outdated minimal database.
      To update your database fetch gem metadata as yaml
        $ curl -o gems.yaml
      And run the following script to import tha data
        $ script/runner lib/load_gems_data.rb
      Have fun!
      (c) 2008,2009 Phil Hofmann - Released under MIT-License


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